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In Business for Over 20 Years

We are dedicated to supporting our community by helping the homeless and poverty-stricken.

Millbourne Laundromat for Laundry Services in Edmonton

Over 70 Units for All Your Self-serve and Drop-off Laundry Needs

Millbourne Laundromat provides quality laundry services in Edmonton and the surrounding area. We have 73 units of all sizes to take care of all your self-serve and drop-off laundry needs. Open seven days a week with flexible hours for your convenience; we also offer professional dry-cleaning services for both residential and commercial clients. Although we send out the dry-cleaning to another company, you can drop it off and pick it up here. If you require our drop-off services, we typically clean your garments and items to have them ready for pick-up in one day’s time.

A Friendly, Courteous Staff and Laundry Soap Available On the Premises

At Millbourne Laundromat, we also sell everything you will need to wash and dry your clothes yourself, from various laundry detergents to dryer sheets. Our friendly, courteous staff is always willing to help. A knowledgeable staff member is always present to answer your questions and provide invaluable assistance.

Conveniently Located Near the Millbourne Mall

Conveniently located in the Lee Ridge Shopping Centre two blocks south of the Millbourne Mall, we’re open daily for all your laundry needs. For more information about our dry cleaning or drop-off laundry services, please contact us!

washing machine

Self-serve Laundry Services

Large, medium and small machines to help you clean your clothes, rugs and more at our laundromat.

washing machine

Drop-off Laundry Services

Enjoy the ease of laundry and dry cleaning services with our drop-off facility.


Dry Cleaning Services

We offer quality, reliable dry cleaning services for leather, suede and wedding dresses.

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